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Gani Dimashqyzy Atibayeva
Age: 36
Occupation: Real estate assistant and tiger mom
Likes: Disco music, hard work & pain, the smell of bleach
Dislikes: Kids these days, her boss, her job, small salaries

Gani is the daughter of a strict widow dad and the middle of three sisters. She met Juppi Juppsen when she was a naive college girl who wanted to follow her older sister's footsteps of leaving Kazakhstan with a wealthy foreigner. They traveled the world together until Juppi landed a "temporary" position in Germany, where they both destroyed their co-workers until Juppi was committed to an asylum after going bankrupt during a business deal on the phone... while Gani gave birth to their first son, earning the shame of the conservative Atibayev family.

As Juppi readjusts to society, Gani does everything she can to keep him away from phones and has convinced him to take up gardening as a coping hobby (which cost a neighbor two fingers). She has thoroughly planned her son's education so that he can clear his father's name and make Ata Dimash proud of bearing his name.
Dimash Juppsen Atibayev
Age: Baby or 10
Likes: Poetry, literature, Edna and Lilli
Dislikes: Finances

Dimash is Juppi's son and a disgrace. Little is to say about him as a baby, but he'll grow up to hang out with Lilli, Edna and their mental issues at the convent.

He aspires to be a writer when he grows up, but his dad thinks that's for girls and wishes his son could continue the Juppsen's family legacy of overworking yourself at a desk job until you die grossly rich. Dimash still tries his best to bond with his dad. Meanwhile his mom holds him to ridiculously high expectations and his aunts pamper him endlessly.