Work until your motherboard bleeds.

Design department

Name: Jefazo

Position: Chief, corporation representative and Anatomy model

Years in operation: 32 [mentally equivalent to a 40 year old human]

Height: 2.10 m

Weight: 80 kg

Main material: Aluminium

Special possession: Tie and mug

"What Jefazo lacks in common sense, he makes up for in colloquialisms and an endless patience. As one of the units with the most sophisticated thought process (only second to Mahru), he's constantly coming up with new product designs from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. sharp. All reviewed (or more than often, discharged) by the Quality Control Department."

Beyond aluminium, Jefazo is made of sheer commitment to his inventions. By entering to his office, one would take notice of all the blueprints scattered on the floor and recordings of his own trains of thought stacked on his desk. He is by no means tidy, but his service and loyalty to the corporation is impeccable. If he were a human, he would be the ideal american businessman, but he's naturally a stranger to the idea of patriotism or any human routines. This often clashes with his organic assistant, Freydís, as he's still getting accustomed to habits like hair combing, teeth brushing, or eating. However, it's not an inconvenience for him, as Freydís is his current most prized project.

Despite his positive reputation, Jefazo's not often involved in pivotal situations for the company. Mahru's the unit in charge of evaluating him, although his palaver and her stoicity present no obstacles during their interactions whatsoever. It's common to catch him at a balcony, looking out at the horizon with a cup of steaming oil in hand.

Name: Freydís Kristjánsdóttir

Position: Secretary and apprentice

Years in operation: 11

Height: 1.30 m

Weight: 28 kg

Main material: Flesh

Special possession: Jarðhitabók

"Among the entrants for the "Better Citizen" program, Freydís has been the most promising unit to date. Other than her intense fixation for volcanoes and geothermal energy developed from an early age, she has Anatomy Corp. in top priority, and most importantly, her beloved boss. Any relative's attempt to contact her have been dismissed due to criminal record."

Freydís is quiet, compliant, often smiling, and unusually methodical for a human her age. Her only disadvantagee is being unable to form coherent sentences due to language barrier and emotional detachment. She's also selectively focused, as social activities nor leisure chats grab her attention (except the ones related to her area of interest, like volcanoes or Anatomy Corp.). An intrigue for music and other humans sporadically spark, but she's not able to fully connect with them.

Her boss, Jefazo, is her role model, and at the same time, somebody to take care of. This includes cleaning up his office, organizing his thoughts, and presenting his ideas to the Quality Control Department. They indulge in activities such as moral advices and strolls to the local forest.

Robotic Resources

Name: Mahru

Position: Chief, psychologist and Anatomy model

Years in operation: 25 [mentally equivalent to a 40 year old human]

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: 80 kg

Main material: Carbon fiber, aluminum, steel

Special possession: Shunga art collection

"Mahru's the head of Robotic Resources department. Although her duty is to keep co-workers on check, she's also a connoisseur of the human psyche and history. Mahru can tell whenever you're sad, fearful, angry or lying, so it's better to be honest upfront."

Mahru's office is small, silent, and covered by historical sexual imagery, which ties to her freudian studies. She's deliberately chosen to be a female-presenting unit to convey an approachable image, unlike her western male and rudimentary genderless co-workers. She has direct communication with the A.I. congress, making notice of any malfunction, change, or anomaly. Despite tending to her congeners with dedication, she finds humans to be more fruitful patients, and so the A.I. congress has authorized her to experiment on willing organic citizens and oblivious co-workers.

Besides the Design Department, Mahru works closely with the Marketing Department (chief Kobian being one of the few other eastern units), leading her to seek connection with human females by modeling voguish outfits and popular choices of underwear, sponsored by the corporation. Further attempts to strenghten human-machine bonds haven't been successful, although the more extroverted chiefs thrive with ease.