Morritos norteños y dramas familiares

Back when I was in highschool, I started out a comic called "Las excitantes aventuras de Marisol" (or "The exciting adventures of Marisol" for the gringos). It was about an edgy anti-systematic teen girl who wanted to make it big someday by creating her own political party ("Marisolism", an ideology based on zero consumption). She was like a mix of a 4chan and tumblr dweller, but with her own third world charm. Her family was disfunctional, her only friend is a fake cholo, and her disappeared grandma used to be a narc. All set in "Bonitillo", a blatant parody of my old hometown. It's one of the past projects I care about the most because it was my first polished comic I'd upload, and had the feedback of my (equally nerdy) circle of friends. Most importantly, it was when I felt free from all the social media pressure, since it gained little traction, but the few people who read it truly liked what I did.

I always intended it to be a reflection of the urban life I saw every day. The people, the streets, the music; it was important for me to draw down that little corner of my country, even if it was in a satirical way. Looking back at my raggedy art and amateur writing, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm still looking forward to extend this with more illustrative work. For now, enjoy teen Pulporila's art.

☠︎ Marisol Kwon ☠︎

Likes: Corridos alterados, Pancho Villa, Dross, communism.

Dislikes: Her sisters, teacher Horacio, alcohol.

She calls everyone a normie, has repeated a grade, and blames everything on the goverment. In realitly, she doesn't know how to deal with her own problems without making it something public, but it's not like there's someone to talk to. She has a few talents, like playing the guitar and being good at math, but it's all obscured by her constant need of attention. The only person she was ever nice to was her grandma, but things didn't end up well. She'll grow up to be an attorney to fight against the narcs.

☠︎ Jaime Ramírez Noriega ☠︎

Likes: Caló, rap, Dragon Ball, 'Mario Peleas'.

Dislikes: Peer pressure, delinquents.

Jaime has been pressured to be either a grade A student by his family or a true cholo by Marisol, but he's too much of a pushover to snap at anybody and let his inner nerd out. He's constantly licking his teacher Horacio's shoes because he hates Jaime for being the son of the principal, and as a result, he's got few friends. He'll grow up to be a musician playing for pretentious songwriters.

☠︎ Sofía Kwon ☠︎

Likes: Regular blood pressure, chihuahuas, cooking.

Dislikes: Her sisters, unemployed men, grandma Jacinta.

She's the eldest and only sister who remembers how life before Mexico was. Marisol used to live with her, until she doxxed Sofía over an argument. Nowadays, she works for INFONABIT, lives in a 42 m square house, is married to a sleazy peruvian man, has had three heart attacks during the last five years, is sterile, and her dogs pees on her bed.

☠︎ Lucía Kwon ☠︎

Likes: Booze, TV, getting laid.

Dislikes: Chihuahuas, grandma Jacinta.

After getting the worst out of her grandma, Lucía fled her home to become a Televisa star. Three abortions, several kilos, countless boyfriends and anexos later, she returned home to find out Jacinta was gone and Marisol was kicked out. She keeps her younger sister entertained by lending her five pesos for maquinitas and ciber every day. Her favorite show is Laura.

☠︎ Jaime's family & Ignacio ☠︎

Jaime's mother, Beatriz Alekseyevna Yastrzhembskaya, is an argentinian woman born from an immigrant soviet family, who has strong opinions on education and youth (meaning that she'll most likely not last long). She pities Marisol, but there's only so much that she could do. On the other hand, Jaime's mom, María José, is a sweet veracruzan woman in denial of her own homosexuality, despite being married for several years. She smothers Jaime a little too much in contrast of Beatriz' cold treatment.

Meanwhile, Ignacio is Sofía's husband and the only one who buys Marisol's communist rants. Sofía married him out of loneliness, and because he was the only asian guy around, but their relationship is falling apart without him even noticing. The only thing gluing them together is his chill and several low-wage jobs he's got to keep.